C. elegans Fluorescent Staining Kits

Vital fluorescent dyes can provide valuable information about internal structures and biological processes such as metabolism and apoptosis. NemaMetrix’s RediStain™ Fluorescent Staining Kits improve visualization of C. elegans’ structure and function in phenotyping studies.

Each RediStain™ Fluorescent Kit is packaged in convenient sizes and concentrations. Now you can easily stain live worms and save time on more important downstream experiments.

Used with the ScreenChip™ System, these florescent staining kits enable the analysis of nematode phenotypes and their directly-related underlying genotypes that would not be possible with non-fluorescent techniques.

RediStain™ Fluorescent Staining Kits

ediStain™ WormDye Lipid Green fat staining

WormDye Lipid Green

An intrinsically lipophilic fluorophore that can be used to effectively track lipids inside C. elegans.


WormDye Neuro Red–DiI

A lipophilic dye that can be used to stain amphid sensory neurons in live C. elegans.

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WormDye Neuro Green–DiO

A lipophilic dye that can be used to stain amphid sensory neurons in live C. elegans.


WormDye Live/Dead Green

A dye that can indicate which worms in a population have died. Chemically equivalent to SYTOX green.

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WormDye Lyso

A vital stain that can be used to stain apoptotic corpses in the gonads of live worms. It is also used as a lysosomal marker.

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