The Invivo FLite Fluorescent Microscope comes standard with brightfield and is available in 2 configurations, "Gecko" for GFP detection and "Chameleon" for GFP and RFP detection. 

Dinolite Microscope
Dinolite Universal Stand and Petri Dish Holder
Dinolite Universal Stand and Petri Dish Holder
Dinolite Microscope, Stand, Petri Dish Holder and NightSea Barrier FiltersUniversal Stand and Petri Dish Holder

InVivo FLite Microscope

Simple. Affordable. Convenient.

The InVivo FLite is an easy-to-use microscope that can quickly detect if your C. elegans samples are fluorescent.  With the FLite you don't need to visit a core facility or ask special permission to use an expensive microscope.  Look at your samples when you want and on your own terms.  It is easy to generate and save images AND videos of your C. elegans!  The FLite wants you to keep it simple so that you can spend more time doing your research.  Reduce the possibility of getting COVID from your lab mate because there is no contact with shared eyepieces.  Our "Gecko" system is for detecting green fluorescence or "Chameleon" if you need both red and green.  Both systems come standard with brightfield and in the kit we include FREE InVivo Biosystem reagents for imaging.

"GFP" Detection                                "RFP" Detection

Excitation: 440nm-460nm                        Excitation: 510nm-540nm

Emission: 500nm-560nm                          Emission: 600nm longpass


  • Simple to set up and use
  • Portable if lab access is restricted
  • Not dependent on Core Facility
  • Free InVivo Biosystems C. elegans reagents included in the kit
  • PC and Mac friendly

What comes in the kit?

  • Dinolite microscope and cables
  • Universal stand with fine-focus adjustment and a quick-release function.
  • Height adjustable petri dish holder
  • Flexible goose-neck lamp
  • NIGHTSEA® LED and fluorescent barrier filter/s (green and/or red)
  • NIGHTSEA® safety glasses (red and/or green)
  • FREE fluorescent InVivo Biosystems C. elegans reagents
  • Software & CD drivers
  • Calibration target
  • A custom-designed case for your C. elegans system

Ordering Information

 Catalog # Description Price
FLG-001 InVivo FLite "Gecko" (Brightfield & Green Fluorescence detection)
includes FREE NemaGel and RediStain™ WormDye Lipid Green
FLGAR-001 InVivo FLite "Chameleon" (Brightfield, Green, & Red Fluorescence detection
includes FREE NemaGel and RediStain™ WormDye Lipid Green and RediStain™ WormDye Lyso Red)

Frequently Asked Questions

The optical magnification power is 10x-140x

The pixel size is 1280 x 960

In biotech, fluorescence is pretty common and it can reveal a lot more about your samples that if you were not to use it plus it is cool looking.

Yes, it does, however, to be sure that the operating system on your Mac is compatible please refer to the InVivo FLite Mac OS Compatability chart.

Based on the most commonly used in the lab, we decided to go with these first, however, we are working on other options and are always open to suggestions so please let us know.

Because we like to be creative and we love animals.  The colors match the systems, "Gecko" for GFP and "Chameleon" for GFP and RFP.

There is a 2-year warranty and free tech support!

The InVivo FLite comes with two options.  You can get "Gecko" for Green detection or "Chameleon" for Green and Red detection.

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