Visual Synchronizer for ScreenChip™ System

The Visual Synchronizer works with the ScreenChip™ System to record videos that are perfectly synchronized to the EPG traces, all with a single software. This system allows you observe and capture the molecular and cellular events in the pharynx during feeding behavior, via traces (EPGs).

  • Associate visible events with in-depth feeding phenotypes.
  • Measure, visualize and analyze the neuromuscular aspects of feeding behavior
  • Eliminate experimenter’s bias and get more reproducible data
  • Gain a better understanding of what is happening with your worms.

See It In Action

What's included in the Visual Synchronizer?

  • 1 latest version of the Screenchip amplifier (free upgrade if you have an old one)
  • 1 HD camera
  • 1 C-mount or CS-mount microscope adaptor
  • 1 cable set
Visual synchronizer add-on
ScreenChip System and Visual Synchronizer
EPG and movement visual synchronization

EPG and movement visual synchronization

What if I already have a camera?

We developed the visual synchronizer around Ximea cameras. Other cameras need their own software to function, making it impossible to perfectly synchronize the images and videos with the EPG data.

The camera and the instrument's clock are hardwired together, ensuring no drift between signals. This makes our synchronization accurate to within 2 ms, which is superior to single pulse TTL methods.

Ordering information

Description Qty Cat. No.
Visual Synchronizer - monochrome 1 SIM001
Visual Synchronizer - color 1 SIM002

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