The Invivo PhysioTemp Benchtop Incubator is a compact and portable incubator that has a unique pass through port for power cords

InVivo PhysioTemp BenchTop Incubator
with built-in pass through access port

Affordable. Convenient. Reliable.

The InVivo PhysioTemp is an easy-to-use and portable benchtop incubator with a built-in pass though side port that so that you can feed your cables and cords through without compromising the temperature.  The PhysioTemp has the ability to easily heat and cool, monitor, and adjust your temperatures with ease.  This PhysioTemp has a wide temperature range of 5C-50C and has been validated with common C. elegans growth temperatures of 15C, 20C, and 25C.  It's small footprint, light weight, and carrying handle mounted on the top allows it to be easily relocated to different locations.  The PhysioTemp is perfect for crowded labs, multi-temperature assays, standardizing temperatures in experiments, and prevents accidentally freezing your samples in the mini-fridge.  


  • Custom built pass through access port allows equipment to be conveniently placed inside without compromising temperatures or samples
  • Consistently maintains specific temperatures between 15C and 37C
  • Intuitive user interface for digital temperature adjustments and monitoring
  • Lightweight with a small footprint makes it portable, especially if lab access is restricted
  • Carrying handle mounted on the top for easy portability
  • Use with a power strip instead of special wiring for larger incubators
  • Easily maintain your worms and conduct experiments at your bench or home
  • Front door window to monitor your samples
  • Easy to clean
  • Low power consumption
  • Avoid scheduling conflict and lab disruptions for experiments that require specific temperatures
  • Easily holds reagents, equipment, and supplies inside (nutator, plates, dishes)
  • Works well with equipment that needs temperature control (InVivo Flite Compact Microscope, and Reagents)
  • Economical and dependable
  • Perform experiments at home during COVID restrictions


"The new mini-incubator worked perfectly for me!  Because of its small size, I was able to put it right next to the microscope I was using to score the animals and could access it any time I wanted to.  I didn’t have to worry about bothering anyone else’s experiments with my temperature change and no one else would disturb the temperature I needed" -Worm Scientist

"I was surprised at how well it held the temperature consistently throughout my whole experiment despite my opening the door every hour for 10-20 seconds. It was a joy to work with this incubator and I got the data I needed" -Worm Scientist

Stability & Consistency

InVivo PhysioTemp Incubator 5 Day Stability at 15C, 20C, and 37C

Ordering Information

 Catalog # Description Price
PT001 InVivo PhysioTemp Benchtop Incubator $799.00

Frequently Asked Questions

A smaller incubator is much more affordable compared to a larger incubator and performs just as well when developed and tested by our team of scientists and engineers and we also use it in our own labs!

We have heard and struggled ourselves with having to feed power cords and USB cables into our incubator so our teams got together to design and develop a custom built-in port that can be used to easily access the inside of the incubator.

Great question but nope.  Our team specifically had this in mind when designing the port.  The built-in pass through does NOT impact the ability of the incubator to heat, cool, or maintain temperatures.

The incubator can hold A LOT of stuff.  Our scientists store reagents, nutators, squeeze bottles, plates, our Microtracker, the FLite Microscope, dishes, and anything else that fits inside, except no food products.

The incubator is extremely stable.  Our teams performed rigorous tests that demonstrated stability at 15C, 20C, and 37C for 5 days and there was minimal variation over that time period.  Check out the data HERE

Please feel free to reach out to us at sup[email protected] for more information.

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