CherryTemp System Close-up

CherryTemp™ – Temperature Control System for C. elegans

Observe and determine phenotypes that are caused by temperature changes in live C. elegans in real time with one click!

  • Observe, trigger and control ultra-fast cell division events at the embryo stage in C. elegans.
  • Perform temperature shift experiments and image larvae and adult C. elegans.
  • Rapidly slow down subcellular dynamics at the push of a button to observe microtubule and spindle dynamics and protein trafficking.
  • Keep temperature stable below the room temperature (e.g. at 16°C).

C. elegans embryogenesis control. Temperature-sensitive embryo mutants (CYK-4 ts) were examined under the microscope with a CherryTempTM System. The temperature of embryo samples was modified between 16°C and 25°C, resulting in cytokinesis arrest.

Watch how temperature impacts the division of a temperature-sensitive (ts) mutant C. elegans embryo.

Key Features:

  • Ultrafast: 10 seconds temperature shifts
  • Wide temperature range: heat and cool down your samples between 5 to 45°C
  • High Precision: at 0.1°C
  • A plug & play platform compatible with any microscope

Ordering information

Product Unit Cat. No.
CherryTemp™ System 1 CTS001

Disclaimer: NemaMetrix is the exclusive distributor for the CherryTemp System in North America. We can only sell to US or Canada customers. If you are outside North America, please contact Cherry BioTech directly.


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