No more experiment delays! Harvest synchronized L1 C. elegans without bleaching, chemicals, or starvation in 15 minutes.

The Celegans Synchronization System (CES) is a manual worm Synchronizer that allows you to achieve near absolute synchronization – a 99.9% L1 purity in your L1 harvest with no bleach or chemicals, and with little or no training required. You get healthy worms while increasing the reproducibility of your data. 

With the C. elegans Synchronization System, you can:

  • harvest small and large volumes of nearly 100% synchronized L1s from a mixed worm population without the use of chemicals or starvation. 
  • get synchronized worms that do not contain phenotypes caused by bleach or food arrest. 
  • eliminate the need for worm controls and variable outcomes.

CES-700 Model (new)

For small quantity of L1s. If you need between 10 to 2k L1's with a short harvest window; or 5k~10k L1's with a larger Harvest window.

C. elegans synchronizer

CES-5000 Model

For large quantity of L1s. If you need more than ~10k L1's with a short harvest window or more than 100k per Harvest filter.

Figure A. Results showing the reproducibility of the CES to generate synchronous L1 population across 34 replicates. L1 worms were injected and cultivated on chips during 5 days. Each channel (represented on the x-axis) corresponds to 3 to 8 microfluidic chambers (example on the right side of this panel) containing 1 to 4 worms. Each dots represented on the graphic correspond to the timing (in hours) when the first egg is observed in average in the corresponding channel. The error bars represent the standard deviation.

Figure B. Comparison of the percentage of fertile worms between three methods of L1 synchronization. Each bar represented on the graphic correspond to the percentage of chambers (on average) with fertile adult worms. n corresponds to the number of chambers analyzed. The error bars represent the 95% CI.

Figure C. Variation of the timing to reach the adult stage across single individuals. Each dot represented on the graphic correspond to the variation of the timing for a single worm to reach the adult stage, compared to the whole population analyzed. n corresponds to the number of single worms analyzed. sd corresponds to the value of the standard deviation. All worms reach adulthood virtually at the same time.

Key advantages:

  • Healthy worms, larger L1 yield, highly reproducible data (Fig. A & B)
  • Phenotype free worms synchronized without bleach, chemicals and starvation
  • Improved level of synchronization with little variation (Fig. c)
  • Achieve consistent results with little or no training required.

How does it work?

The L1 Celegans Synchronizer is a 2-step filtration system harvesting freshly hatched L1s.

Step 1: Wash and stabilizing filter. Wash out all the debris and anything smaller than Adults and eggs. Only adults and eggs are kept.

Step 2: Harvest filter and synchronization. Adults and eggs are transferred from the Stabilizing filter to the Harvest filter. As soon as the eggs hatch, the L1's will transfer through the filter with little or no delay.

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Why are the CES Filters Special?

Unlike traditional filters, the CES filters do not have 'round' or ‘semi-round' pores/apertures. Instead, as can be seen in the image to the right, the CES filters feature a special elongated design (slit) in order to prevent the filters from clogging while allowing L1’s to pass through with ease.

Most traditional filters are "depth filters" and while they do a great job retaining particles throughout the filter medium, the reality is that they are not ‘absolute’, despite sometimes being advertised as such. Depth filters are problematic for the CES, as it is difficult to recover the adults after the first step of the synchronization protocol without applying pressure (back washing) and thereby damaging the nematodes. Most disc filters are in many cases semi-depth filters, they just happen to be thin.

The images below are all ‘membrane' filters of well-known brands, but none of them will be effective with the CES protocol. Compare them to the image of the CES filter to the right to see just how unique the CES filters really are.

Above - CES filter

Above - different types of Hydrophilic Sartorius Membrane filters

Above - different types of PET membranes. Left shows the hydrophilic Polycarbonate Track-Etched (PC-TEM), middle and right show pluriStrainer® ‘netted’ filter

What is the difference between the CES-700 and CES-5000 models?


CES-700: if you need between ~10 and less than 1k ~ 2k L1's with a short Harvest window or up to 5k~10k L1's with a larger Harvest window,  the CES-700 will do the job. (this assumes ~1k gravid adults to be available to start with, (less is always possible)

CES-5000: if you need more than ~10k L1's with a short Harvest window or up to and excess of 100k or more per Harvest filter  (multiple Harvest filters in parallel are always possible) then the CES-5000 is the preferred system.

Please note that the length of the 'Harvest Window' has a huge impact on the number of L1's harvested. The 'Gravid : L1' ratio is approximately 3-5 L1's per hour per available gravid nematode, after a 'lag' time of 7-8 hours (the time the eggs need to develop and hatch), assuming there are no eggs to start with. Adding Serotonin at the Harvest step will give an initial 'burst' of 10-15 eggs per gravid nematode that can be harvested approximately 7-8 hours later. Adding Serotonin is a known method of stimulating the egg production and is used to get to the 'magic' 1 million+ number of perfect synchronized  L1's. (See remarks in the CES protocol)

 CES-700 ModelCES-5000 Model
Input Capacity (min/max)~10-2000 gravid nematodes~10-20,000 gravid nematodes
Output Capacity5-15 L1's per gravid nematode5-15 L1's per gravid nematode
Filter Surface Area700 mm25000 mm2
Filter Dimension30 mm80 mm
Filter Mesh Material Special Nickel AlloySpecial Nickel Alloy
Filter Tube MaterialBorosilicate GlassBorosilicate Glass
Filter Mesh ClampPA12 - NylonPa12 - Nylon
Stabilizing Filter11
Harvest Filter11
Washing Funnel & Acces.:Not Available1
Crystalizing Dish2x40mm & 2x50mm2x90mm

Frequently Asked Questions

Preferred method is to use 0.5M NaOH and / or (40khz) small ultrasonic cleaner.   The ultra-sonic cleaner will ensure the filters are truly clean, while speeding up the process of cleaning. This will typically also take care of scaling.  It is not recommended to descale the filters using an acid solution.  Using an acid will at a minimum cause coloring/stains on the filter and repeated use of acids will ultimately damage the filters.

Yes, you can use small volumes of a worm culture. Recommended is a minimum of 10 gravid adults including laid eggs, however larger volumes have also been successfully processed in a single batch.

Yes, each strain is synchronized in approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Please keep in mind that each strain will have to remain in the 'Harvest Filter' for a period of time (i.e. 'Harvest Time'). In order to synchronize multiple strains and not have to wait for the Harvest Filter become available again, it is advised to purchase for each additional strain an extra 'Harvest Filter'. This will allow extended harvest time for each strain. In a typical setup, where one person is working with the Synchronizer System, one (1) stabilizing filter should suffice. The Stabilizing Filter is used in the first step of the protocol and becomes available as soon as its content is transferred to the Harvest Filter. Depending on the on the need to exclude  cross-contamination, the Stabilizer Filter may need to be cleaned / rinsed before processing the next strain.

You may use 70% isopropyl alcohol by either using a spray or submerge the filters completely in the solution. Allow the filters to dry in a laminar flow hood afterwards.

You may use 70% isopropyl alcohol by either using a spray or submerge the filters completely in the solution. Allow the filters to dry in a laminar flow hood afterwards.

It took 4 years to develop the CES system and the special micro-filters it relies on. Unlike traditional filters, the CES filters do not have 'round' or 'semi-round' pores/apertures however feature a special elongated design (slit) in order to prevent the filters from clogging while allowing L1’s to pass through with ease. In order to get the unique level of synchronization the CES provides, every single aperture in the filter needs to be ‘zero defect’.

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1. Warranty:
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Ordering Information

NemaMetrix sells this product only in North America. Please contact NemaSync if you are outside North America.

CES-V2C. elegans Synchronizer (CES 5000)$4,895.00
FSCE-01Stabilizing Filter for CES 5000$2,550.00
FHCE-01Harvest Filter for CES 5000$2,550.00
CESFH-01Funnel + Holder + Tube for CES 5000$485.00
CESF-SP-01Funnel (Spare Part) for CES 5000 $375.00
CESFH-SP-01Funnel Holder (Spare Part) for CES 5000 $185.00
CESHR-SP-01Funnel Holder Separator Ring (Spare Part) for CES 5000$75.00
CES-700C. elegans Synchronizer Kit (CES 700)$2486.00
FSCE-700CES 700 Stabilizing Filter$1110.00
FHCE-700CES-700 Harvest Filter$1110.00

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