Worm Recovery Kit

The Worm Recovery Kit is an add-on to the ScreenChip Phenotyping System that allows you to retrieve your worms after collecting phenotyping data.

Use the Worm Recovery Kit to:

  • Screen and retrieve your worms for a complete population analysis
  • Perform longitudinal studies
  • Conduct genetic analysis of your worms post-phenotyping

The ScreenChip System was designed to allow the worms to move their head and tail freely while being gently immobilized into the microfluidic chip. Worms are moved in a gentle and controlled manner through the chip and into the Worm Recovery Kit using negative pressure.

How to use the Worm Recovery Kit:

Step 1: Connect the kit between the ScreenChip System outlet and the vacuum source and proceed as usual.

Step 2: Collected worm into a 1.5mL epitube.

Step 3: Pipet up the worms for additional phenotyping assays and/or longitudinal studies.

The Worm Recovery Kit is compatible with most 1.5 mL epitubes.

Worm Recovery Kit Components:

  • 1 Epitube microfluidic adapter
  • 1 Fitting knob for 1/16 OD tubing (1/4"-28 )
  • 1 Insert tubing
  • 1 Liquid trap tubing
  • 5 1.5 mL epitube

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