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Bi-Weekly Newsletter: 07.10.2020


In the News: Surface testing startup in Eugene is working to stop spread of COVID-19 nation-wide

Surface testing can save lives!

Our partner Enviral Tech was in the news recently about the life-saving technology of surface testing. We are proud to partner with such an innovative and crucial company right now to enable early detection of the virus and safe reopenings.

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Featured Findings:

  • Genetic Models for COVID-19 Research
    • We are ready to help you with your COVID-19 research! We offer our genetic expertise in the engineering of humanizations, fluorescence markers, luciferase, activity reporters, and conditional expression to help you interrogate drug and vaccine activity, binding interactions, mechanism of action, and more.
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  • From Models to Insights
    • We have expanded our CRISPR genome editing platform to add in new capabilities! Check out our updated capabilities library.
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Industry News:


We’re entering the 4th month since the WHO declared the novel coronavirus as a global pandemic, and while we’ve learned a lot about the virus, we are also still in the dark about many aspects of it. Companies around the world are working around the clock to try and find both vaccines and therapeutics for those affected by it, and BioRender has created an incredibly informative and useful tool to track the progress of these. Check it out.

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