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Bi-Weekly Newsletter: 05.01.2020

COVID-19 Research Using C. elegans

InVivo Biosystems is ready to help you with your COVID-19 research!

COVID-19 research is moving fast, as it should, and what better way to study the disease than with a model organism that has a short lifespan. We are offering our genetic expertise in the engineering of humanizations, fluorescence markers, luciferase, activity reporters, and conditional expression to help you interrogate drug and vaccine activity, binding interactions, mechanism of action, and more.

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Featured Findings:

  • 11 Steps to a Successful CRISPR Knock-In
    • Knock-ins are hard, for a long time people even said hey were impossible, but we are nearing an 80% success rate for CRISPR knock-ins in zebrafish so we want to share with you what we believe to be the 11 steps necessary to have a successful knock-in project. Read more
  • Seventeen Minutes of Science: Spreading out from Kendall (Episode 6)
    • Even before COVID-19, lab space in the coveted Boston-area was expensive, which resulted in crowding into smaller square footage where coworkers were working in close quarters to keep costs manageable. With social distancing measures in place now and for the foreseeable future, what does this mean for labs? Check out the full interview where Ben Jussila discusses this subject with Gary Kaufman, the COO and co-founder of ABI-LAB. Watch the interview
  • COVID-19 provided UO disease course a teaching moment 
    • Our Chief Global Health Officer and one of our co-founders, Dr. Janis Weeks, has been teaching a course on tropical diseases at the University of Oregon for many years. A portion of her class has always focused on emerging infectious diseases, and this year as the novel coronavirus started to spread during winter term, her class had a real-time example in play. Read more


Does working from home have you missing your lab and your worms? Check out this Facebook page that turns lab humor into memes. Even if you don’t work with C. elegans, the content is top-notch humor, which we can all use a little extra of right now Check it out

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