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Bi-Weekly Newsletter: 09.04.2020


Worms on Drugs?!

How well can C. elegans predict drug toxicity in humans?

Identifying viable lead compounds is a major milestone in drug discovery, but it is just the beginning of a long journey to verify efficacy and safety for treating human diseases. Using small animal models such as nematode worms or zebrafish as a bridge between cultured cells and mammals can reduce time and cost through early screening and elimination. We discuss how InVivo Biosystems addresses these questions when using C. elegans as a model for drug testing

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Featured Findings:

Creating Zebrafish Models for Studying Gene Function Using CRISPR Injection Mix

Dr. Melissa A. Wright shares her experience working with InVivo Biosystems to create zebrafish models for studying the SELENON (SEPN1) gene function. Dr. Wright used our CRISPR Injection Mix to jump start her project by leveraging our design expertise in order to save time and get results more quickly.

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17 Minutes of Science: Engineering a Cure for Fragile X

For Episode 23 of 17 Minutes of Science we are joined by Dave Bjork. Dave is the director of Community Relations at FRAXA Research Foundation, the Founder of FRAXA Biotech Games, and a Patient Advocate. Dave joins us to discuss Fragile X, what it is, progress being made towards a cure, and his work to raise awareness for the disease.

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Expanded Toxicity Testing Capabilities

Using small animal model systems such as nematodes or zebrafish in your toxicity studies can increase predictivity to 70%, compared to 50% with only mammalian models, dramatically reducing costs through early screening and elimination. Learn more about how using an integrative approach can enhance your toxicity studies.

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17 Minutes of Science: How Epidemiology is Related to Everything!

Diana Klatt joined us for episode 22 of 17 Minutes of Science to discuss her role as a sociobehavioral epidemiologist and how even though the term “epidemiology” is generating a lot of buzz right now with COVID-19, not all epidemiologists study infectious diseases. Tune in to learn more about what epidemiology is, the various career paths available in the field, and how it truly is related to everything!

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Industry News:


Recently, Zachary Pratt a high school biology teacher, reached out on Twitter to his fellow scientists about a grassroots effort he’s initiating to help provide relatable mentors to his students and to encourage and increase diversity in STEM. If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the project, you can check it out here.

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