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Bi-Weekly Newsletter: 08.07.2020


Large-Scale C. elegans Sample Prep

New C. elegans Service Offering

Large or small-scale biochemistry work and physiological experiments require large quantities (often in the millions) of worms. Large scale production of synchronized worms requires specialized equipment and many hours of hands-on preparations. We’ve developed our Large-scale Synchronized C. elegans Beads to be used for large or small-scale biochemistry work, or any experiment where a large amount of freshly prepared worm lysate is required.

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Featured Findings:

  • Zebrafish CV
    • When you have to apply for a new job, you are asked to provide a resume, CV, and a cover letter. So why then aren’t you asking the same of the model organisms you are using?
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  • 17 Minutes of Science: Bridging the Gap Between Cancer Patients and Researchers
    • As a cancer patient herself, Kimberly Richardson identified a gap between cancer patients and the scientific researchers that were creating the life saving treatments she needed. Now, she has created training modules specifically for scientific researchers that give them the perspective and feedback from the end users–cancer patients. Tune in to learn more about Kimberly and her program, Survivors Advising Scientists Education Program.
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  • 17 Minutes of Science: Designing “Better” Babies: We Can Do It…But Should We?
    • “Designer babies” have become a hot topic over the past few years, but to anyone who is familiar with CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing (or even those who have seen the 1997 film Gattaca) the concept of genetically modified babies is not a new one. Tune in to learn more from this week’s guest, Güneş Taylor.
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Industry News:


Need a new podcast to add to your daily listening? Check this episode of Grey Matter, How zebrafish help unlock the secrets of autism spectrum disorder. Who would have thought the humble zebrafish might hold the key to understanding our own brain, including conditions such as autism spectrum disorder? Definitely worth a listen.

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