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Ask an Expert

One of our in-house experts answers a popular question relating to temperature control for C. elegans

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Immobilize and recover live C. elegans without chemical anesthetics! NemaGel is an easy way to completely immobilize your worms for imaging purposes with the ability to reverse the immobilization and recover nearly 100% of the worms.

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The zebrafish is a powerful model organism for the study of vertebrate biology, being well suited to both developmental and genetic analysis. However, having access to zebrafish or zebrafish facilities is not always possible. Our in-vivo service can provide you with the access to zebrafish for a rapid readout of gene function in 3 simple steps.

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WMicroTracker Device

Have you seen our new protocols booklet for the wMicroTracker? The guide includes protocols for mutant and toxicity screening, drug screening, aging and healthspan, chemotaxis and path tracking on agar, and oxidative stress.

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Animal testing in the research-based pharmaceutical industry has been reduced in recent years both for ethical and cost reasons. However, it is still a staple when it comes to discovering new compounds directed at improving human health. One of our experts explores the relevance of using C. elegans to study human health.

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Image source: Janis Weeks

Drug resistance in many pathogens presents a growing and potentially catastrophic challenge to human and animal health. Resistance is manifested by a decreased ability, or complete failure, of previously-effective drugs to successfully prevent or clear infections. One of our founders explores this issue and the need for studying the biological mechanisms of drug resistance in order to overcome this potentially catastrophic issue.

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We are honored to have Ben Jussila as our Fall Featured Scientist. Ben has over 8 years of experience working with zebrafish and currently works on our R&D team.

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Ask An Expert

Q: How does NemaGel impact the quality of the microscopy?

A: NemaGel is highly compatible with fluorescent microscopy. NemaGel is perfectly transparent. Additionally, due to the slight compression of worms, a noticeably larger portion (up to 30%) of the worm muscle cells are located within the imaging focal plane. The effect of this is an improvement in visualization of the internal, allowing for a more extensive visualization of both cellular subsystems and organs including the mitochondrial network and gonads.… Answer more of your NemaGel questions by checking out the FAQ section.

You can always send your questions to suppor[email protected]. One of our technical specialists will respond.


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Browse our back-to-school sale for discounts on transgenics, products, and more! Sale ends on October 31st, 2019, so get your orders in now!

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Are you interested in automating your lifespan assays?

Our goal is to develop an automated assay that you could easily implement in your lab, but in order to do that we need your feedback on the hurdles that C. elegans researchers encounter while doing lifespan assays and how it affects their work and productivity.

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