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The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is a powerful model organism for the study of vertebrate biology, being well suited to both developmental and genetic analysis.

Precise and efficient genome editing in zebrafish using the CRISPR/Cas9 system is bringing this model system to its full potential for the study of vertebrate biology, physiology and human disease.

However, having access to zebrafish or zebrafish facilities is not always possible. Our in-vivo service can provide you with the access to zebrafish for a rapid readout of gene function in 3 simple steps.


Rapidly knock down the gene


Validate the gene target


Deliver phenotypic readout

To learn more about our zebrafish workflow, download the infographic

Knock down the gene quickly

Our quality and consistent injections enable morpholinos and CRISPR cutting to act quickly in the F0 generation, so you can see the preliminary effects of the gene knockdown in the same animals that were injected.

See the gene function in a different way

See the gene function in a different way – analyze in both morpholinos and CRISPR to gain high confidence in shared phenotypes.


Validate the target gene

Confirm that your target is knocked down or disrupted to ensure ample validation of impacted transcripts.

Generate data more quickly

Quantify observable phenotypes including morphology, toxicity, morbidity, and locomotion.


Perform clinical screening

From single embryos to high-throughput chemical screen, we help you get the data you need.

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