Zebrafish Tol2 Expression Packages

Zebrafish Tol2 Expression Service


Insert large content in the zebrafish genome using the Tol2 transposon-based system.

Using Tol2 transgenesis you can generate:

  • Cre Recombinase-expressing lines
  • Transcription reporters
  • Models to analyze tissue-specific gene expression
  • Models to control the timing of gene expression
  • Humanized zebrafish

Insertion content can range between 2 - 10 kb.

Service Options (price reflects academic pricing)

Service PackagePriceEst. Delivery Time
Full Build $21,8405-6 months
Verified Clutch* $6,4951-2 months
Custom Injection Mix (Plasmid Only) $2,5954-6 weeks

*Verified Clutch service is only available to customers in the United States. Price includes Tol2 plasmid generation, up to 2 rounds of test injections & screening to determine transgenesis efficiency and expression profile. Once screening is complete an additional round of injections will be performed for final delivery of your verified clutch.
Please Note: Promoter elements, or non standard components for transgenic construct generation must be supplied by client for plasmid construction. InVivo Biosystems can help with the de novo synthesis of individual components of your Tol2 construct but additional charges may apply.

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