Zebrafish Endogenous Tagging Packages

Zebrafish Fluorescent tag Service


The addition of a fluorescent protein tag at the endogenous locus enables you to visualize your protein in vivo without altering the level of gene expression.

In Zebrafish, fluorescent proteins are added using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. You can choose from a variety of protein tags including YFP, BFP, GFP, and mCherry.

CRISPR Knockout Validation

We offer CRISPR Knockout validation services through Western blot and/or immunostaining to help you reduce experimental variability and to achieve your research goals.

Standard methodologies include immunostaining and Western blotting to determine impacts on protein levels and localization. These methods only work with specific and well validated antibodies, which are historically sparse in zebrafish.

One method zebrafish researchers have turned to is the introduction of a well-recognized epitope tag at the endogenous locus, allowing researchers to utilize a well validated, commercially available antibody.

Work with our expert genome engineers to choose the location and tag type for knock-in, and we will provide you with a customized service package including CRISPR/Cas9-mediated tagging as well as antibody detection and data curation services.

See how epitope tagging services can transform your CRISPR studies!
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An Abnormal Absence of Antibodies: Filling the Gaps with Gene Editing Tools in Zebrafish

The zebrafish is an increasingly popular laboratory organism with many experimental advantages. The animal model has been used by biologists ...
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Service Options (price reflects academic pricing)

Service PackagePriceEst. Delivery Time
Full Build $27,8359 - 12 months
Verified Clutch* $10,1905 - 6 months
Custom Injection Mix (without verification of sgRNA cutting) $2,995 & up4 - 6 weeks
Custom Injection Mix (with verification of sgRNA cutting) $5,259 & up6 - 8 weeks
*Verified Clutch service is only available to customers in the United States.

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