Zebrafish Endogenous Tagging Packages

Zebrafish Endogenous Tagging via CRISPR Gene Editing


Tag your favorite gene at the native locus via CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. Choose from a large selection of fluorescent proteins and epitope tags.

Custom tags and combinations (i.e. GFP::3xFLAG, etc.) are also available.

Expression Validation

We can also help you reduce experimental variability with our expression validation services through Western blot and/or immunostaining.

Zebrafish Endogenous Tagging Service Offerings

Fluorescent tag

Visualize your protein via addition of a fluorescent protein tag at the native locus.

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Epitope Tag

Use your protein for biochemical studies by adding an epitope tag at the native locus.

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Package Details (price reflects academic pricing)

Tagging ServiceFull Build Verified Clutch Custom Injection Mix
Fluorescent tag$27,8359 - 12 months$10,1905 - 6 months$2,995 - $5,259 & up4 - 8 weeks
Immunotag$27,2409 - 12 months$9,5955 - 6 months$2,995 - $5,259 & up4 - 8 weeks

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