Zebrafish Complete CRISPR Injection Mix

Complete CRISPR Injection Mix - All the Power of CRISPR and More

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CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing in zebrafish is robust, but reagent design and validation can be a time intensive process. Reduce time from experiment conception to execution with the affordable Complete CRISPR Injection Mix package. Work with our team of genome editing specialists to design your injection mix so all you have to do is add water, inject and screen!

Our Complete CRISPR Injection Mix includes Cas9 protein, an RNA-based sgRNA(s), and a donor homology construct and can be shipped as a lyophilized mix in as little as 2 weeks.

Discuss your research goals with us, and NemaMetrix will provide you with an expertly designed injection mix to generate your new zebrafish line. Each Complete CRISPR Injection Mix project includes:

  • consultation with a genetic engineer to develop the genome editing strategy
  • sequence files for the donor homology construct and the final, edited locus
  • development of all reagents including the sgRNA and donor homology construct
  • 2 - 10 uL lyophilized injection mixes with instructions on reconstitution

In Vivo sgRNA Analysis

While Cas9 cutting is integral to editing, we know that not all sgRNA sites cut efficiently. Our basic injection mix package includes bioinformatic analysis of sgRNA sites. Via this method we cannot guarantee that cutting will be efficient. We can provide in vivo sgRNA validation for an additional charge.

Service Options (price reflects academic pricing)

Injection MixBase PriceEst. Delivery Time
CRISPR - Knockout$9954-6 weeks
CRISPR - Point Mutation$9954-6 weeks
CRISPR - Precise Deletion$9954-6 weeks
CRISPR - Floxed Allele$1,9904-6 weeks
CRISPR - Fluorescent Tag$2,9954 - 8 weeks
CRISPR - Immunotag$2,9954 - 8 weeks

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