C. elegans Toolbox Using CRISPR

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The short generation time and invariant developmental lineage have made C. elegans very useful for understanding, e.g., developmental programs, basic cell biology, neurobiology, and aging.

Over the last decade, the C. elegans transgenic toolbox has expanded considerably, with the addition of a variety of methods to control expression and modify genes with unprecedented resolution.

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Turn it on and off rapidly

Heat-shock promoters allow you to control gene expression through external temperature changes. Cre-recombinase can be placed behind one of these promoters, for activation to occur only when the organism is subjected to heat.

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Get the timing right

Introduction of promoters allows you to control when a gene region is expressed. This is appealing for allele floxing in which Cre-recombinase can cause a time-specific or developmental-stage deletion event.

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Choose the tissue type

Site-specific promoters can be inserted to only activate genes within a specified cell or tissue type. This means you control where expression of the gene occurs.

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Light it up

Fluorescent tags are often thought of as indicating where a protein is expressed. However, fluorescence also uncovers when a protein is assembled and how much of the protein exists.

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Identify interactions

Different colored fluorescent tags can be used to tag separate genes, giving insights into multiple proteins as well as protein interactions.

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Add it all together

Differentially-activated promoters and tags provide you with the most control possible. These options allow control over when expression occurs and where modifications are made.

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Humanize it

Using the power of gene replacement, customized animal models can be created using genes from other organisms – even humans. This allows simple animal models to become a platform for disease discovery and compound screening.

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