C. elegans Injection services

C. elegans Injection Services

Inject Express

We offer 2 types of injection services:

  • Inject Express: you provide the injection mix and we complete the injections and return the worms to you for screening in less than a week.
  • Custom Injection mix: you provide the gene editing idea and we provide you with expertly designed reagents to begin your transgenic project.

Inject Express vs. Customer Injection Mix

What Do You ReceiveOne set of 10 worms, injected with a plasmid or DNA mix prepared and provided by youProfessionally prepared injection mix containing all of the required molecular components to achieve your desired custom genetic edit.
Expertise Needed
Ability to generate DNA mix and/or plasmid constructs for injection.None
Expertise Needed
Ability to screen and select final desired strain(s).- Technical skill for proper injection;
- Access to microinjection rig;
- Ability to screen and select final desired strain(s).
Your Molecular Design TimeHighLow
Your Injection TimeLowHigh

Inject Express Service Details

Inject Express is a fast and affordable way to turn your prepared plasmids into C. elegans strains. You provide the injection mix and we complete the injections and return the worms to you for screening in less than a week.

  • Send us your plasmid and we will  prepare it using our proprietary clean-up method proven to increase transgenic yield.
  • We will then complete your injection mix with your choice of co-markers.
  • Injections are completed in sets of 10 worms.
  • Injected worms are checked at 24 hours post injection for survival, and all surviving animals are sent to the client.
  • We recommend 1 set of worms injected for extrachromosomal array projects and 3 sets of worms injected for MosSCI and CRISPR projects.
  • The Injection Mix Preparation fee applies to each injection mix.

Custom Injection Mix Service Details

  • Send us your gene editing idea.
  • We prepare reagents containing all of the required molecular components to achieve your desired custom genetic edit.

Other Injection Services

Candidate lines service

  • You provide the gene editing idea, we design the reagents, complete the injections and provide animals who have passed our first round of screening.

Need an alternative C. elegans strain injected?

  • We can do it! We need an additional week to grow a population suitable for injection.
  • A Strain Preparation fee will be applied once per strain.
  • The option to inject into N2, unc-119 (ed3) null, unc-18 null, or various MosSCI strains (ttTi5605, cxTi10882, ttTi14024) is included at no additional charge.


  • Due to temperature requirements, we recommend that we keep your miniMOS projects at our facility post injection (as opposed to shipping the following day) to ensure a higher chance of success.
  • Heat shock screening and shipping of surviving lines can be completed for an additional fee.

In the event of low transgenic yield, we are happy to provide troubleshooting for your injection mix.

Successful vs. Unsuccessful Injections

Examples of successful (left) and unsuccessful (right) injections. The video captures COP1403 (unc-18) injections.

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Pricing (reflects academic pricing)

Inject Express * $325 - $505< 1 week**
Custom Injection Mix*** $950 - $1,7902-5 weeks

NOTE: Prices above do not include shipping charges; you may opt to use your own shipping account and/or provide a prepaid shipping label.
*Inject express denotes one set of 10 injected worms.
**Inject express using a client-provided strain will add 1 week to the total injection project timeline, for a final timeline of approximately 2 weeks.
***Custom injection mix is available for any of our standard service offerings and edit types, including CRISPR-based edits, MosSCI edits, Extrachromosomal Arrays and tagging.
Overnight Shipping:
Preferred: you provide your own FedEx, UPS, or DHL account or a pre-paid label.
Ship via FedEx by Invivo Biosystems: $100 domestic; $200 international. Due to shipping time requirements, USPS cannot be used to ship Inject Express projects.

Inject Express Publications

  • Pharmacological and functional similarities of the human neuropeptide Y system in C. elegans challenges phylogenetic views on the FLP/NPR system

    Miron Mikhailowitsch Gershkovich, Victoria Elisabeth Groß, Anette Kaiser & Simone Prömel. Cell Communication and Signaling volume 17, Article number: 123 (2019).

  • Structural Principles in Robo Activation and Auto-inhibition

    Barak R, Yom-Tov G, Guez-Haddad J, Gasri-Plotnitsky L, Maimon R, Cohen-Berkman M, McCarthy AA, Perlson E, Henis-Korenblit S, Isupov MN, Opatowsky Y. Cell.  2019 Apr 4;177(2):272-285.e16.


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