C. elegans Gene Expression Validation Packages

Validate Gene Expression in C. elegans

qPCR validation service

Validate gene expression in a new or existing C. elegans strain via qPCR so you can quantify the expression of a transgene.

Validation of gene expression is a critical first step when utilizing any new strain in your lab. Our Expression Validation assay will allow you to:

  • Demonstrate that gene expression has been eliminated in your knockout strain.
  • Assay whether your point mutation results in a difference in gene expression.
  • Determine the relative level of expression from your transgene.
  • Investigate whether the addition of a tag at the native locus has altered gene expression.

The Expression Validation assay can also be completed on a new or existing strain.

Service Details (price reflects academic pricing)

Expression Validation (Single Time Point)PriceEst. Delivery Time
Native Gene $1,0502 Weeks
Custom Gene $1,5503 Weeks

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