C. elegans Strain Maintenance & Storage Services

Our C. elegans strain maintenance and storage (biobanking) services can preserve your precious strains and keep your worms healthy and happy while you are away from your lab. We'll ship your worms when you are ready to resume your experiment.

Our services include:

  • Correct staging and slow cooling of strains to -80°C in our Freezing Solution and store the strains at -80°C as a way to provide off-site backup storage of your most valuable strains.
  • Passage of stable worm lines once every two weeks by picking/chunking.
  • Pick worm lines that require additional handling as appropriate to maintain desired genotype.
  • Perform injections only when you're ready to receive the post-injection worms.
  • Inject candidate lines only when you are ready to receive the first round of screened worms.
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