C. elegans Mutation Packages

C. elegans Mutation via CRISPR Gene Editing


Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, InVivo Biosystems has the capability to make specific DNA alterations with high precision. This ability to modify the genome in C. elegans allows scientists to study gene function in exciting new ways.

CRISPR/Cas9 can make edits through insertion, deletion, or replacement of DNA at a specific site in an organism’s genome.

C. elegans Mutation Service Offerings

Precise Knockout

Delete the entire coding sequence of a gene.

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Point Mutation

Introduce a small number of nucleotide changes at a target site.

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Precise Deletion

Remove a defined region of DNA.

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Floxed Allele

Create a floxed allele for tissue or temporal specific deletion of your gene of interest.

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Package Details (price reflects academic pricing)

Mutation ServiceFull Build Candidate Lines Custom Injection Mix
Knockout$4,0756 - 8 Weeks$2,5543 - 4 Weeks$9951 - 2 Weeks
Point Mutation$4,075 - $4,3606 - 8 Weeks$2,554 - $2,8393 - 4 Weeks$995 - $1,2951 - 2 Weeks
Precise Deletion$4,075 - $4,3606 - 8 Weeks$2,554 - $2,839 3 - 4 Weeks$995 - $1,2951 - 2 Weeks
Floxed Allele$4,4856 - 8 Weeks$2,9643 - 4 Weeks$1,395
1 - 2 Weeks

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