C. elegans Endogenous Tagging Packages

C. elegans Immunotag Service


The addition of an immunotag at the endogenous locus enables you to quantify your protein without altering the level of gene expression.

Immunotags are added using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology. You can choose from a variety of tags including FLAG, HA, HIS, TAP, or S-peptide. All tags have been optimized for expression in C. elegans.

Process For Generating Strains

  • Transgenic design

    Transgenic Design

  • Molecular Assembly

    Molecular Assembly

  • Injection


  • candidate screening

    Candidate Screening

  • C. elegans Confirmation

    Strain Confirmation

  1. Transgenic Design:

    Design of donor homology template and guide sgRNAs for tagging of your gene of interest.
  2. Molecular Assembly:

    Construct high-quality components for genome editing including custom DNA donor homology templates, custom sgRNAs and validated Cas9 protein.
  3. C. elegans Injections:

    Our skilled injectionists perform microinjections of the protein, RNA, and DNA injection mix with high survival and transgenesis rates.
  4. Candidate Screening:

    Candidate animals containing the genomic integration of interest are initially identified via the co-CRISPR phenotype; confirm edit integration at the genomic level via molecular screening by PCR.
  5. Strain Confirmation:

    PCR testing to confirm that the lines have the desired construct integration and sequencing to confirm that the integration occurred without error.

Service Details (price reflects academic pricing)

Service PackagePriceEst. Delivery Time
Full Build $4,360
4 - 8 Weeks
Candidate Lines $2,8393 - 6 Weeks
Custom Injection Mix $1,0952 - 3 Weeks
Note: Additional charge applies for cargo over 200 bp in size for all packages.

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