C. elegans Endogenous Tagging Packages

C. elegans Degron Tagging Service


You can knock-in a degron tag on an endogenous protein or fluorescent protein with our degron tagging service.

Adding a degron tag  enables you to:

  • use protein degradation as an complementary method to genetic knockouts or RNAi
  • tag your protein of interested for degradation at the protein level
  • control the timing of protein degradation with an inducer (e.g. auxin, blue light)
  • confirm degradation of your protein when paired with a fluorescent sequence
  • visualize protein localization to organelles or other membranes

Choose From a Variety of Systems

You can choose from a variety of degron inducible and developmental systems including Auxin Inducible Degradation, Photosensitive or blue-light inducible degradation, degron-tagged reporters of membrane topology, and OMA-1 tags that work to degrade protein from the 1-cell stage.

Use our degron tags in combination with the fluorescent tagging to visualize protein expression and degradation.

Things to consider when ordering your strain:

  • Degron tag best suited for your experiments
  • Best terminus to tag

For auxin-inducible degradation, TIR1 is necessary to generate a functional recognition complex and achieve successful target degradation. If you do not have a TIR1-expressing strain ready, we can suggest the most suitable commercially available strain, or we can generate a custom TIR1 strain for you.

If you are unsure, our genetic engineering experts will be glad to advise you. Contact us.

Service Details (price reflects academic pricing)

Service PackagePriceEst. Delivery Time
Full Build $4,560
7 - 8 Weeks
Candidate Lines $3,0396 - 7 Weeks
Custom Injection Mix $1,2955 - 6 Weeks
Note: Additional charge applies for cargo over 200 bp in size for all packages.

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