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Why C. elegans are ideal for Disease Modeling [Infographic]

Did you know C. elegans are an ideal model for disease modeling? It may seem unlikely that such a tiny animal would work well for modeling and studying human diseases, but we believe in their power and want you to as well, so we’ve outlined a few of their strengths so you can learn more about the benefits of using C. elegans for disease modeling.

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Seventeen Minutes of Science: Tiny Worms With a Big Impact; Using C. elegans for Toxicology Studies

Tune into 17 Minutes of Science where we discuss with a new guest each week how science and biotech is woven into their lives. This week, we are joined by Kyle Galford to discuss his recently published paper, The FDA-approved drugs ticlopidine, sertaconazole, and dexlansoprazole can cause morphological changes in C. elegans, and how C. elegans can be used in toxicology studies.

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