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Seventeen Minutes of Science: Experiential Science Education For Children in the Age of COVID

Tune in weekly to our virtual series “Seventeen Minutes of Science” every Tuesday at 11am PST / 2pm ET where we go live on Facebook with a new guest each week to talk about how science and biotechnology is woven into their lives for (you guessed it) 17 minutes!

For Episode 21 of 17 Minutes of Science we are joined by Hannah Kistner. Hannah works for the Santa Barbara Adventure Company and has a deep-rooted passion for the outdoors and education programs promoting conservation. In her past position at the Santa Barbara Zoo, she worked in the education department and began crafting working closely with the homeschool community to craft science programs based on experiential learning and focusing on science and nature conservation. Since leaving the Santa Barbara Zoo, Hannah has become even more involved in the homeschool community and has continued to tutor children, create resources, and support experiential learning.

Hannah joins us to discuss the homeschool curriculums she has helped craft for biology and how they are more essential than ever right now with distanced learning due to COVID-19.

Whether you are a teacher, a parent, or just interested in science education, this episode of 17 minutes will be full of valuable information and resources for everyone faced with the new realities of distance learning.

Hannah’s Favorite Resources:


  1. iNaturalist (App and desktop versions available)
  2. Merlin Bird ID
  3. Windy
  4. Meteor Counter
  5. Marine Debris Tracker
  6. NASA GLOBE Explorer
  7. Seafood Watch



  1. Bumble Bee Watch
  2. FrogwWatch USA
  3. Zooniverse
  4. Project Feederwatch
  5. My Naturewatch
  6. Nautilus Live
  7. Cal Academy Digital Skull Library
  8. PhET Interactive Simulations for Science and Math
  9. Math Science Music
  10. Project EDDIE
  11. UNAVCO Hands-on Geology


  1. Radiolab for Kids
  2. Tumble
  3. Brains On!
  4. Wow in the World
  5. The Show about Science

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