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A Look back at the first 10 Episodes of 17 Minutes of Science!

I think the big takeaway for me is that science is relevant again! So let’s shine a light on that” – Sarah Cheesman

This week, 17 Minutes of Science hit a milestone – our 10th episode! While this also means we have spent 10 weeks in quarantine, the show has become a unique and fun way to stay engaged with our community and continue learning despite COVID-19 restrictions. In the 10 weeks since the show has started, we have hosted a myriad of guests covering a wide range of topics, but all within the biotech realm. Every guest we’ve had has shared their work with us and how science is weaved into their professional and personal lives.

A big thank you to everyone who has joined us so far, it has been a pleasure to host such smart and passionate scientists every week, and we cannot wait for the next 10 episodes!

To celebrate the 10th Episode of 17 Minutes of Science, let’s take a look back at all the episodes so far.

“If you had asked me a year, 6 months, a week ago if I would be doing a Facebook Live stream talking about zebrafish during the middle of a global pandemic I probably wouldn’t believe you…but here we are!” – Ben Jussila (Episode 1)

Episode 1: Ben Loves Zebrafish and CRISPR (with Ben Jussila)

In our first ever episode, Sarah Cheesman interviews one of our in-house zebrafish experts, Ben Jussila, who you may also recognize from other episodes where he was the host. Take a listen to learn about zebrafish, CRISPR, and more!


Episode 2: Virology and World Health (with Dr. Janis Weeks)

In our 2nd episode, Dr. Janis Weeks, the Chief Global Health Officer and one of the co-founders of NemaMetrix (now InVivo Biosystems), joins Sarah Cheesman to discuss virology and world health. Dr. Weeks is also a professor at the University of Oregon where she focuses her teaching on tropical diseases, infectious diseases, and parasitology. Take a listen to learn about viruses, world health, and Dr. Weeks’ take on the current COVID-19 outbreak.


Episode 3: The More Models the Merrier – Zebrafish & C. elegans Working Together (with Dr. Aaron Putzke)

Dr. Aaron Putzke joins Sarah Cheesman in our 3rd episode to discuss the benefits of using multiple models. Dr. Putzke is a professor at Whitworth University who uses both zebrafish and C. elegans in his lab. Take a listen to learn more about how using multiple models, specifically zebrafish and C. elegans, has positively impacted Dr. Putzke’s research and why he finds both models so interesting.


Episode 4: Modeling Human Diseases in Zebrafish (with Dr. Jen Phillips)

In  our 4th episode, Ben Jussila interviews Dr. Jen Phillips, a researcher at the University of Oregon in the Westerfield Lab, where she uses zebrafish to model rare diseases as a part of the Undiagnosed Diseases Network. Take a listen to learn more about how using zebrafish has positively impacted Dr. Phillip’s research and why she finds the zebrafish ideal for modeling rare human diseases.


Episode 5: The Operational & Emotional Impacts of COVID-19 on Biomedical Research (with Dr. Cindy Buckmaster)

Sarah Cheesman is joined by Cindy Buckmaster – the director of Public Outreach at the National Animal Interest Alliance and President of the Texas Society for Biomedical Research, for our 5th episode.  Dr. Buckmaster is a seasoned compassion speaker for lab animals and discusses the operational and emotional impact of COVID-19 on biomedical research.


Episode 6: Spreading out From Kendall (with Gary Kauffman)

In our 6th episode, Gary Kauffman, the co-founder and COO of ABI-LAB, joins Ben Jussila to discuss how COVID-19 is impacting one of the biggest biotech hubs in the US. Even before COVID-19, lab space in the coveted Boston-area was expensive, which resulted in crowding into smaller square footage where coworkers were working in close quarters to keep costs manageable. With social distancing measures in place now and for the foreseeable future, what does this mean for labs?


Episode 7: Kids who Code! Inspiring the Next Generation of Coders (with Dr. Lan Guo)

Dr. Lan Guo, our very own data scientist, joins us in our 7th episode to discuss with Sarah Cheesman about the community outreach she does volunteering her coding skills. Tune in to learn more about Dr. Guo’s unique career arc and how she uses her skillset to help inspire the next generation of coders.


Episode 8: What it Takes to Support Zebrafish Research (with Rory Francis)

Rory Francis, the Founder of Danio Lab and President of the Zebrafish Husbandry Association (ZHA), joins Ben Jussila in our 8th episode to discuss what it takes to support zebrafish research, how the  COVID-19 has impacted Rory’s work, what he thinks some of the lasting effects will be post-COVID-19, and more.


Episode 9: Worming our way into Machine Learning (with Dr. Lan Guo)

In our 9th episode, Sarah Cheesman discusses with Dr. Lan Guo how we are using machine learning for variant classification in C. elegans in our very own lab.


Episode 10: Stepping up – How Kashi Labs has Responded to COVID-19 (with Dr. Zahra Kashi)

Dr. Zahra Kashi of Kashi Labs (Portland, OR) joins Sarah Cheesman in our 10th episode to discuss how her lab has responded to COVID-19 and become a leader in Oregon’s COVID testing response. Tune in to learn more about Kashi Labs, when Dr. Kashi knew she needed to step up in the fight against the coronavirus, and even hear from Dr. Kashi about what her dream at home COVID-19 test would look like.

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